Episode 7 – A Presentation on African Topics in World History

Due to a busy holiday travel schedule, Matt and I were unable to record a new podcast for early December. Instead, we are offering bonus content! In October I presented at the Great Lakes History Conference in Allendale, MI on five African topics for world history instructors. These topics were designed to link with the Michigan social studies curriculum which divides world history into several main time periods. Elementary social studies instructors deal with the pre-1500 period, and I suggest the Indian Ocean coast as an ideal topic. At the high school level, I use the trans-Atlantic slave trade to explore the First Global Age, the life of Sara Baartman to examine the dark side of Global Revolutions (1700-1914), and the Cold War in the Congo as well as soccer in Africa to explore 20th Century and Contemporary Global Issues. This presentation is also available in its entirety on Youtube courtesy of the Michigan Council for History Education, where you can watch the other presenters on my panel (Dr. Michael Huner and Dr. David Zwart, both from Grand Valley State University) as well as the questions from the audience. While there is no specific recommendation section to this episode, each of the following books explores one of my topics in depth – Mugane, The Story of SwahiliWalvin, The Zong; Crais and Scully, Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus; Nzongola-Ntalaja, Patrice Lumumba; Alegi, African Soccerscapes

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