Episode 1 – Designing a World History Survey

In this episode Matt and I discuss our first experiences teaching world history, focusing on the mistakes we made and what we do differently now. Recommended books are:

Dave – Burton, A Primer for Teaching World History

Matt – McNeill and McNeill, The Human Web

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3 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Designing a World History Survey

  1. Mike Burns says:

    Loved the first episode. Some other, short, “I have to teach this next week” reads

    World History: The Basics by Peter Stearns
    This Fleeting World by David Christian
    The Origins of the Modern World: A Global and Ecological Narrative from the Fifteenth to the Twenty-first Century (3rd ed) by Robert Marks

    • Dave says:

      Great suggestions! I’ll have to check out the Stearns book, I didn’t know he had published a shorter book on the field. Is it a general survey or just an intro to key themes?

      • Mike Burns says:

        It’s just an intro to key themes. The book is short, <200 pages. Routledge The Basics series. Each chapter has a Further Reading section. I think it is an excellent, manageable introduction to the field. A must read for a student teacher, or the HS new hire, or subject newbie.

        1. What and why is World History?
        2. A World History Skeleton
        3. Habits of Mind in World History
        4. Managing Time: Choosing and Evaluating World History Periods
        5. Managing Space: World History Regions and Civilizations
        6. Contacts and the Structure of World History
        7. Topics in World History
        8. Disputes in World History
        9. World History in the Contemporary Era

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